Sunday, December 5, 2010

a place to go back to

Am sitting in front of my sister's laptop at my parents' house.
Blessed am I that my parents live only about 30 minutes away from my place (20 on days with less traffic).
This means I should have no excuse not to see them. Once a week. That's the most I can do actually, which is good enough.
Decided to sleep over here last night since I missed seeing them last week. Kinda like catching up on lost time. :)
A good idea I must say cuz so far we've had dinner and breakfast together.. after this, lunch!
No matter how old you get, going back to your home that once was.. is still the ultimate joy. Having had the privilege of being raised in several homes, I will always remember the places I grew up in.
Passed one of those places yesterday and it brought me back to a time when I was carefree and well.. young! Kinda feel sad that the house where I was born in has been sold- my grandmother's house. I guess when my late grandma started living with her children, no one was able to look after the house.. first it was rented out.. then sold. Hence I have no `kampung' to go back to anymore.. But I suppose the decision was made under best intentions.

So, wherever your parents are, that's your `kampung' to go back to. It's good to have a place to go back to. Where the history of the place is partly your history, the place you know you belong in and when you return to it, it gives you some sort of comfort and serenity you can't get elsewhere.

I think of the house I own now or maybe in the future (if I move), and hope that I too can make it into a place worth coming back to. Where one will feel comforted, loved and just happy to be home.

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