Monday, December 20, 2010

after 20 years

Two days ago I attended the most anticipated event of the month. My secondary school reunion! From 100 students or so in our batch, around 40 plus of us made it. Not bad..

If you refer to a previous post, I did not manage to lose much weight before the event.. (Only about 1 kilo).. Plus that was the day I was having skin `issues'.. after trying to get rid of some spots a few days before, they remained on my cheek till that night :p

Aside from that, I did not regret going at all.

Even though I did not remember half of the boys.. oops men, (and one or 2 girls) who came.
Even though at one point it felt like school days once more when each gender shied away from the other.
Even though I could not eat much as I suddenly got all flustered and giddy trying to talk to everyone at once.
Even though I did not get to speak to every one of them.
Even though I felt upset when some didn't remember me - their own classmate/ homeroomate!

You'd think everyone would have changed.. well, not entirely. There were still those with that same face and shape - much to the envy of others! :) But the most obvious changes were the guys I guess.. all like `bapak org' sudah.. hehehe..

Considering the amount of time spent with those people 20 years ago, it came as no surprise when seeing most of them again didn't make us break into a long conversation. Of course basic questions were asked- occupation, children, (yes, I got that question of course and surprised looks..), where I lived.. Those who knew me better asked about my siblings, etc.. But I ended up having `extended' conversations with only a limited few.. Which to me was good enough.

I always wonder how people saw me back then. And if they saw the same me 2 days ago.. Because I saw the same thing in some of them just like I saw them 20 years ago..

I actually have fuzzy memories of my time at that school. Don't get me wrong, I loved it there. Relationships in the dorm meant more at times than in the classroom! I think if all of us stayed there till the end of form 5 we'd be tighter than now. Parting ways after form 3 was painful and I think I hated the paths they made us choose at that time.. I think everyone else who left felt the same way too..

So I applaud the organizer - my homeroomate! (who I had forgotten was in my homeroom.. ouch) and who sponsored the whole thing! Bless him..

Reunions exist not because you want to compare your life with others, but more to get connected once again. To go back to a place you shared together and hold on to a piece of that once more. Sometimes it's good to remember the good old days so that you can create better days in the present. Or at least to know that once you shared a life someplace that was pure, fun and free. It surely made you the person you are today so what better way to cherish it then to reconnect once more..

Meeting each other again really brought us back to the place we all loved. Especially us who left too soon..

things i will particularly remember:
People who never spoke to me before actually did that night! (including someone I admired.. hahahaha..)
Some told me I looked the same! (compliment?) and `smaller'? :D
Spoke to a long lost friend.. :)


Mustafa Farhan said...

i wonder how my reunion will looks like in the next 20 years. haha. when my hair have grown white. =,=

Sher said...

am sure you'll look as good with (some)white hair in 20 years, as you do now.. haha.. Maybe a little `fleshier'..;)

*Farahouri~ said...

well me too madam...time flies so fast...cant imagine how 'me' will look like in 10-20 years time...sobs! ;)

Shz said...

i like the fact that u said reunion is not a time to compare, as sometimes I think some do that at reunions! or to see the one that they let go (or let go of them) checking out how their spouses are! haha. i enjoyed going to reunions of the school i attended from f1-f3 compared to the one that i went from f4-f5. I guess with the former, it was like being with ppl who had known u all ur life, though the time spent together was only 3 years, but we grew up together. (I had heard about u then! It's funny how our paths have crossed , rite sher?)

Sher said...

haha.. yep, we were destined to meet..:) you know where I'm coming from indeed abt the f1-f3 years.. loved that time! ;)

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