Thursday, December 16, 2010

20 VS 44

January 2009 was when this blog first came to be.
I wanted to try and see what it was all about - wrote about it in my first entry.
Was just reading my previous posts of last year and I think it mostly was a little emotional ;)
Many big things happened anyway so I guess that was inevitable.
I was not into `advertising' my blog too so that meant.. out of the 20 posts I wrote there were like 5 comments altogether I think.. It's ok, the writing part for me was more important than getting the responses. (plus only one or 2 people knew about it..)

2010 = 44 posts so far.. and almost every month.. and more than once in a month too! And a number of comments = like!
I think it's because I now understand how blogs are like - after reading several blogs which inspire and fascinate me. Writing is not a problem still, getting the responses is a bonus and now, exchanging knowledge and learning from what you write and read is the most valuable part..

So bloggers, let's continue doing that, ok? ;)

ps/ but sometimes.. you do purposely write cuz you want people to respond.. and that's cool.. but it's sad (sometimes) when people don't.. haha..

1 comment:

*Farahouri~ said...

no worries madam. i`ll owez b ur loyal reader. eheh..good day! :P

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