Monday, November 15, 2010


I consider myself moderately tech savvy.. so when Wawa introduced me to WhatsApp I immediately downloaded it on my phone and in less than a month, we have been communicating almost everyday.
This I think is amazing considering she's in London and me here in KL..
It is like ym or any other chatting device but.. the fact that it's so instant like an sms-chat-like app makes it cool.. Cuz it all happens through our phones and we can be anywhere to do this.. So far exchanges have been in the form of audio notes and pics plus videos (only frm Wawa).. Personally love the audio note cuz sometimes recording your message is more fun than typing it! ;)

Ok.. maybe I'm still `jakun' .. but this goes to show you what technology does to let people `connect' with each other.. absence makes the heart grow fonder indeed, but it also brings people closer together - with the help of an application, a suitable phone plus internet connection.. :D

ps/ it's fast cuz you also don't need to login or logout.. ;)


wawa said...

=) i soo agree...

i wish EVERYBODY downloaded whatsapp..its just sooo convenient!!! =) heheheeheh.

im so terharu my name ada in ur blog! feels like masuk surat khabar lols =p

miss u ms shereen =)

take care!

Diana. Z said...

Alaa... i dun have iphone. :3 = Takpe, it doesn't kill me.

Plus Ms Shereen, I know i owe u a letter. Be surprised sumtime next year ait. :)

Sher said...

Di, there are so many ways to keep in touch.. as long as we stay connected, I appreciate all forms.. :)

Wawa, lol.. masuk suratkhabar? ;)

- miss all of my students who have left kmb.. sometimes i see `glimpses' of you all around college.. haha.. sounds creepy huh?

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