Monday, November 8, 2010

me, nature and a bike

Once a week in my oh so busy life I get to spend time with nature and my bike.

A lot of my friends (who've known me for a while) are finding the fact that me, nature and a bike are not really a likely combination.. ok, make that me + sports, especially a mountain bike..

The fact that I was never the sporty kind must be the reason why.. I have a rather interesting past when it comes to sports..
But that's a story for another time..

Back to me, nature and my mountain bike - a Scott Contessa.. :).. Well, it was a birthday present from dearest hubby - which came 2 months before my actual birthday. All in the spirit of wanting me to spend time with him when he went cycling.. bless him :D..

Mind you, I was not without my doubts.. I was like, are you sure you want to get me a bike? I said, why not just a handbag.. I seriously couldn't believe me going into something I saw (at that time) as an extreme sport.. But with some coaxing I caved in and could not refuse such a special gift.. (the handbag can be a present next year..)

And here I am, 6 months later.. in love with this whole MTB thing.. and wanting to go riding every week, even if it's just around my apartment..

The picture I have posted above was taken yesterday at FRIM, Kepong.. The usual place we go for our rides. It's such a beautiful place offering many trails to suit your ability and also pathways for hikers, joggers and even picnic spots..

It's just so exhilirating to cycle amongst nature and feel the rough terrain as you go downhill. The wind in your face and a feeling like you're gliding through. Makes you feel free.. I thank God I'm healthy and fit to enjoy this hobby. So go ahead and try it. I guarantee you, it's super fun! :D


Mustafa Farhan said...

i went to frim kepong before. the one that have canopy walk kn? but the hill are quite steep right? cool lah teacher.hehe

Sher said...

Nice place kan Paan? I think the trail I take is through the canopy walk. Yes, steep but once downhill.. weeeeeeee.. it's fun! :)

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