Sunday, November 21, 2010

the day before Monday

1. The day of rest
2.The day I try and get a lot of things done (laundry, cleaning, office work)
3. The day to cook. (lasagna today)
4. The day for family.
5. The day for cycling!
6. The day for some peace of mind before a busy week ahead.
7. The day to give the cats a bath.

I'm doing all of the above accept for maybe no. 2.. and of course no. 5 :( .. But I guess, at least being in the comfort of your own home is already considered `resting' even if I'm trying to squeeze so much amount of unfinished work..

At least today I finally managed to do no. 7 and they all now smell like babies.. thanks to the baby powder scent of the shampoo ;)
Usually I start with the most scarediest cat of all - Hiro. This one is fiesty and grumbles throughout. Just now he tried to attack the water coming out of the shower..

Even though I dry them with a towel, they have to dry themselves again. Naturally they do this by licking themselves.
I have some lazy ones like Hiro who prefers to sit still and wait for the hot weather to dry him and also Snowball who kinda hopes that she will get dry naturally.. lazy cats.. ;)

Finally there's Woody - our first cat who has mastered the art of being bathed and will sit so obediently and quietly while water runs through him. Plus he knows how to dry himself real good so he's always the one to dry up fast :)

Somehow I find that bathing them is therepeautic even though some of them meow really loud while I'm doing it so it could sound like they're being tortured.. :p Talking I think helps calm some of them down.. so in the end I get some manja meows.. it's not like they don't like showering I think.. saja mengada.

Here's Woody licking himself.. :) This can be done anywhere in the house.. which means a few places in the living room get wet due to their still-dripping-like state. I don't like this.. but I have no choice since I close the door so they can't go outside to dry themselves.

So anyway, the day before Monday is kinda special considering I get to do certain things without any interference. But there's also that feeling in the pit of your stomach which dreads going back to work tomorrow especially after a week's holiday ;p

But back to work I must go and I know it'll be fun actually cuz I will meet colleagues and students once again.. (psyching myself) :D


Mustafa Farhan said...

wow, how did u manage to clean all the cats? Even one cat is tough for me. =P

Sher said...

Haha.. i bathed 6 of them! just aim the shower at them and make sure doors are closed. It should be done since they are small so they get used to it.Of course some run around the bathroom and I just shoot the shower at them ;)

Diana. Z said...

Hi ms shereen!~

Omg.. i didn't expect any reaction or comment to my post. Thanks for being so concerned. Im touched.

Haha.. yeah. Im okay.. just getting jittery about stuyding oversea. Dunno whether i can adapt to 'the' surrounding. Haih..

I just wish people wont bug me a lot. I want to do, what I want to do.. a lot of influence I tell you. Sheesh.

Hahah.. see im grumblin and making a mess kat ur blog. Sorry!~

Btw, seemed you had a fun weekend showering the cats. Lolz...

Take care ms. Shereen!~ <3

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