Thursday, November 4, 2010

bloggers are thinkers

I'm always amazed at some blogs I read.. especially those that make me feel all warm inside or make me reflect on things being said..
I suppose bloggers all have the same trait.. they're all generally `thinkers'. They pour out their hearts (some bloggers) and most importantly draw upon issues that strike a chord..
This all will not surface if they were not putting deep thought into it..
Hence, thinkers they are..

-Thinkers= an IB Learner Profile-


Diana. Z said...

Really! haha, never thought of it like that.

COOL-NESS!~~ ^.^

Thinkers we are Ms. Shereen!~


Mustafa Farhan said...

yeay! im a thinkers!

got to hit another 9 profile!

aja-aja fighting!

Sher said...

Yes indeed you all are Di.. :)
I think we can also say `reflective, caring, communicators and open-minded' too in this equasion.. So that makes it another 5 je Paan..;) Anything else I missed?

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