Tuesday, November 30, 2010

45 minutes

45 minutes is how long it takes to bake a simple chocolate cake.

I have always loved baking. I think this passion I have for food started very early on in my life.. like when I was 4 or 5.. My mum told me one day I came back from school and was proud to announce that `I had seconds' - the school that I went to served free lunch and I actually asked for another round of whatever it is they were serving.. :) Maybe it was the dessert. Ok, this has no relevance to baking but it shows how I loved eating.. and still do..

Desserts are my weakness. So I guess that's why I enjoy making them and eating them.

Anyway I just baked a cake. Well almost.. After preparing the batter for a simple chocolate cake I set the timer to 45 minutes.. And instead of seeing a perfectly shaped cake in the oven after 45 minutes passed by, I was greeted by a flat one! The oven was switched off! By me of course accidentally..

And now I have to wait for another 45 minutes... :(

While we're waiting.. let's just talk a bit more about cakes..

I've baked all sorts: cheesecake (my specialty), chocolate, orange, peanut butter, sandwich cake (with jam in the middle).. Cheesecake wins I think cuz I've baked that the most.

I've baked for birthdays, for raya, for no reason, for students, for family, for friends..

Everytime people eat my cake they're always happy. Happy that it tasted good (i hope), happy that they got homemade cake - even though I fail at presentation.. happy that time was taken to bake it..

So in short, make someone happy by baking? Of course not. Maybe we can just take the time to do simple things for others. Cuz really, the one who gives is probably more happier than the one who receives..

Ok, now I can actually smell the cake from where I'm sitting.. That's more like it.. May the cake turn out well. Will be feeding some 20 or so students tomorrow! ;)

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Diana. Z said...

OMG. I can still remember the cheesecake you baked for us. OMG. Sedap giler!~ Waaa!~

Btw, yes.. I am saying yes to the coffee invitation. Will get back to you on it. Tell me when u are free Ms. Shereen. :)

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