Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 hours ago

About 12 hours ago I acted on impulse and left 16 boys without a lesson.

Were my actions acceptable?

Maybe. Hopefully so.

It's funny when a person gets angry, it only leaves them feeling worse.

But I hope that my actions also left an impact on them so that they will understand the heart of the matter - which is to treat my class with respect and not take it for granted.

Will this happen again? Hopefully not.

Just remember to tread carefully in the future my dears and know that our intentions are good for we only mean to lead you in the right direction..


wawa said...


im sure theyv learnt their lesson

ur a great teacher ms shereen =) and its always us students who forget that and suddenly do stupid stuff which makes us look as if we dont appreciate you..when actually we do. we just need a slap in the face. a SMACK more like. to wake us up.


im sure theyr waking up now. =)

Mustafa Farhan said...

we're awaken now. Thank you Ms Shereen.

Sher said...

glad to know that Wawa and Paan.. :)

Diana. Z said...

Somehow... this reminds me of the M08C and Pn. Salma drama. :P

wawa said...

hahahaha. more like. M08C and bio teacher drama DI. =( now rindu puan majdiyah

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