Friday, October 22, 2010

when the birds leave their nest

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Absence I think also can make people forget.
Technology may connect people much faster and easier these days but in some cases it is not to be.

This I suppose is one of my laments of the `sweeteners' I mentioned in my previous post, who have gone off and built a nest elsewhere.. and may have forgotten me.. They don't send postcards.. , write messages on facebook.. or find me on ym.. :(

Back in my student days, people took the trouble to WRITE to each other - like with pen and paper.. send an occasional postcard or greeting card.. Getting something in the mail was such a JOY... and the process of it all.. i mean, I so enjoyed writing.. I was one of those people who could write pages and pages of letters.. I hope I told good stories.. ;)

Times have changed and people just write short messages on facebook or rely on skype to communicate. No letters or aerograms.. People are losing out on the pleasure of holding a letter in their hands.. the fun of finding a nice pen and paper to write on..

Ok, I get it, move with the times.. but you can always write long messages in one's inbox too, right?

Well.. no use blabbering here.. I suppose I must try not to expect too much out of people.. But how nice it would be to receive a letter in the mail once again.. I guess I can only dream..


Diana. Z said...

Hi Ms Shereen... Reading this makes me feel "aww... it true*. I will definitely find some time in writing you a letter straight from Australia.

- I need ur adress though. Haha.. leave it at FB??. :) -

Sher said...

Will be waiting for that letter to arrive at my doorstep one fine day.. :)

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