Friday, October 22, 2010

when the birds leave their nest

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Absence I think also can make people forget.
Technology may connect people much faster and easier these days but in some cases it is not to be.

This I suppose is one of my laments of the `sweeteners' I mentioned in my previous post, who have gone off and built a nest elsewhere.. and may have forgotten me.. They don't send postcards.. , write messages on facebook.. or find me on ym.. :(

Back in my student days, people took the trouble to WRITE to each other - like with pen and paper.. send an occasional postcard or greeting card.. Getting something in the mail was such a JOY... and the process of it all.. i mean, I so enjoyed writing.. I was one of those people who could write pages and pages of letters.. I hope I told good stories.. ;)

Times have changed and people just write short messages on facebook or rely on skype to communicate. No letters or aerograms.. People are losing out on the pleasure of holding a letter in their hands.. the fun of finding a nice pen and paper to write on..

Ok, I get it, move with the times.. but you can always write long messages in one's inbox too, right?

Well.. no use blabbering here.. I suppose I must try not to expect too much out of people.. But how nice it would be to receive a letter in the mail once again.. I guess I can only dream..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the `sweetness' in life

When I was about 9 or 10 (I think) I always `role-played'.. For some reason, I was always a career woman - a teacher! with a baby and husband to go back to.. In my role play of course the hubby was imaginary, but the baby was played by my most cherished teddy bear.. (I wonder where it is now..)
Reflecting back on this, I suppose the role I had for myself was what I saw my own mother doing..
Flash forward 25 years later.. here I am, a married, career woman - minus the kids. I guess I should be grateful that 90% of my vision has come true despite desperately wanting the remaining 10 to appear..
While listening to the radio on my way to work today something hit a chord in me. A guest speaker said that one will never know the sweetness of life until they have a child, and one will not be able to appreciate the sweetness of time when they have children.. Does this mean that I have only been tasting one kind of sweetness?
Of course I can only imagine how life would be for me if the tables were turned.. but I could still be getting other forms of `sweetness' in life that may not come in the form of a child - of my own blood.. right?
I think about the `children' in my life right now who are not really mine but who I always claim to be mine ie - MY students. I would like to believe that they too provide the `sweetness' in my life (even though sometimes they can also leave bittersweet or sour tastes in your mouth). They can be a source of entertainment, inspiration, hope and also a catalyst for a headache.. :p Which is probably similar to what one would feel about their own child.
I may not get the sweetness that the man was talking about this morning, but I sure do have alternative `sweeteners' that make up my life..

ps/ The man on the radio also said `Count your blessings, not your misfortunes', so I thank God for all the good things he has granted. Alhamdulillah..

Friday, October 8, 2010

just because..

just because we never look, it doesn't mean we never see
just because we don't hear, it doesn't mean we never listen
just because we never say it, it doesn't mean we don't care..

but the truth of the matter is,

sometimes, it's better to show that you do see and listen and that you do care. .

Tell someone you care for them, before it's too late..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


How long does it take one to form a connection with another person?
Some people may take days, months or even years.. some just minutes.. (probably)
In my line of work, connecting with people around me may come naturally but then again, after a decade of teaching I do find that there are still some relationships (with students) that need to be worked on. It is really impossible to `connect' with everyone and to those few that I do click with.. well, that I call chemistry.. :)

Anyway, in these recent months I've acquired new friends through the sharing of the same hobby.. Maybe it's because we meet up only for that purpose, so it bugs me that I run out of things to say when we hang out. I mean, is that all we have in common? Our passion for cycling..? Or have I gone out of practice when it comes to making friends..

I once read an article about meeting up with old friends. The sad truth that it revealed is that when you finally meet old friends again after 2 decades, you just don't have anything in common anymore to share. I mean, yeah, you went to school together once and were close.. but after years of separation you just can't connect at the same level anymore. Even despite being facebook friends! (maybe I should delete them from my list.. haha)

Back to my point on CONNECTIONS.. simply put, there are just some people who you can connect with and sadly there are some who even if you want to, it will not happen. No use beating yourself up to find out why..

I'm lucky to still have a group of friends (from Uni years) who are still my most cherished and trusted friends till this day.. I feel sad too for some friendships that have ceased to exist due to distance, years of separation, etc.. but I suppose that's only natural in life.

I believe in the saying that you can be friends with many but keep only a few who are close to you. They'll be the ones who you can really count on.

I hope to form more friendships in the future but will also tread with caution lest I get carried away by the thrill of new friends..

Despite all that has been said here, friendship is definitely worth investing in. So, hold on to good friends, nurture the relationship and learn to keep it alive. Naturally, you'll form a connection that will last for decades.. InsyaAllah..

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