Monday, September 27, 2010

rainy days

After a few months of dry spells, Alhamdulillah rain has taken its place.. So far I think it's been pouring everyday..
From where I stay this usually means the house will get cooler - air-cond like, and the cats who seem to enjoy the coolness (i think) curl up on the dinner table - huddling together to be more specific, just to keep warm.. They really are a sight for sore eyes.. :)
Ironically these past few days, there's been no water- on and off, at the workplace and boy is it difficult when there's no water.. Maybe worse than no electricity..
When I was in boarding school many years ago, we had moments of no water now and then and this meant walking around the school compound looking for possible sources of water - like in the toilet at the academic area etc.. Once we had to take water from a little waterfall behind our hostel- that was precious... There was also a time when we waited for the rain to fall - it was heavy rain at the time, and we put our pails out so it could be filled.. The one I remember most was actually `showering' in the rain!! Talk about using it to the max.. That was real fun.. ;)
Well.. water is precious and without it life will just feel.. well, unhygienic.. May the school not have any more runs with no water.. pity the students who have to bear with it.. At least I can go home and shower properly! ;)


Mustafa Farhan said...

acutally we got other solution for the water problem. we still got the hos bomba to shower. TOGETHER.hehe.

Sher said...

haha.. that must've been fun..;)

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