Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you believe in miracles?

I was asked that question just now by a friend who was waiting anxiously for her husband to wake up from a coma.
At that time he had been unconscious for almost 24 hours.
With a blood clot in his head and some broken ribs and bones one cannot really say..
Doctors said not to put on any hopes. They also DIDN'T say he had no hope and neither did they say that there was.. Tricky situation.
I answered, `Yes, they can happen'. God willing.

Everyone dreads losing the one you love. I must admit it crosses my mind. Not because I want it to happen. But more because I am afraid of if it happens and also because you don't know how/when it will happen.
I wrote about death before in here and so am not trying to repeat myself .. Yet I believe deep down everyone knows it will happen to them one day. It's just that not knowing when is what scares you most. Or maybe, knowing when, can also scare you.

I can't stop thinking about what my friend was saying just now in between her tears (and mine too..). Her sorrow became mine for a while and made me at a loss for words. I ended up with the cliche lines: `be strong', `pray hard', `say Allah's name a lot'.. (zikir).. I somehow wished I could have been more varied in my choice of words.

It is not really easy to comfort people or offer words of solace. But I believe that at times like that just being there could be comfort itself. Giving a hug or even just listening and nodding could also be enough.

I pray that God will ease the suffering she is going through and give her the strength to go through this difficult time in her life. May this holy month serve as a blessing for her troubles and give her miracles. Amin..


Sher said...

A week after I wrote this my friend's husband passed away on a Friday afternoon.

That may have been my first time being with a friend who lost a husband and as much as I wept over her fate, I am sure her pain is unimaginable.

I pray Allah eases the pain she feels and brings her peace and calmness.. I pray that she gets through this raya with a strong heart..

I hope she comes back to school when she feels stronger to do so.. Amin..

Shz said...

I guessed that was the day it hit us all that how fragile things that we hold so dear. The fact that death 'chose' one of us was what made it so real yet surreal.It didn't single us out though we were young, we have a family and we have our whole world in front of us. life is short kan. And I like Nizam's words of comfort. dunia ini hanya sementara.

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