Sunday, August 22, 2010

after 4 days

4 days was all it could take me to stay away from facebook. I should have gone cold turkey for 7 days.. So, I cheated.
I finally succumbed to my need to log in after realizing that there were people I couldn't get hold of without fb.. Which meant that the usual mode of communication - the handphone- was not so reliable in some cases..

What I observed of myself in the 4 days:

1. I was thinking about it everyday
2. I was listening to `facebook conversations' from others around me.. not because I wanted to but that's what almost everyone around me were doing
3. In my free time (that was usually used to go on fb): a) I played games on my mobile - i RARELY do this, b) I did housework I'd normally put off till later.. (bad..), c) I got to sit down and focus on hubby/myself/ the house/the cats/ life..
4. I was also worried cuz I couldn't send messages/ wished ppl birthdays cuz i wasn't online..

Conclusion: I am an avid user. (a positive word than `addict')

The question is : do I really need to be there everyday? The answer: No.

After 4 days, i received 53 notifications, 4 messages and 1 friend request. All in which DID NOT need to be read so urgently or responded to promptly.. (mostly were comments on a picture one of my students had tagged me that ended with a series of comments by others..) But I felt almost `left out' not being able to be there and read about others' life.. This makes me wonder if that's so bad?

When I finally went in I spent almost 2 hours responding and `catching up' on things.. See where the time goes when your wrapped up in it? But maybe that is equivalent to spending 30 minutes on it per day.. which I do do I guess..

Anyway.. I still want to try to keep my `distance' away from it. Only because I don't want to end up feeling so compelled to check it every now and then.. Am sure there's more to life than wanting to update your status or pics or read up on what people are doing.

It would be nice to just call up someone too and chat instead of only reading about them on fb.. Who says we have to follow all the trends in life? Sometimes going old school is also enough.. i think.. ;)

But society seems to say that it's not enough in this day and age.. Go figure.


Diana. Z said...

Interesting Ms Shereen and I agree... we should really try the ol form of communication but nanti mcm sooooo out of date. Hahaha.. takpela, its the thought that counts. :)

Sher said...

It's not such a big crime to be out of date right? ;)
I wrote this cuz I was just `mad' at myself sometimes for spending too much time on it and realizing that I `needed' it.. sadly it is true. It is a form of communication almost everyone enjoys.
But seriously, talking - on the phone or face to face is sthg we still need to do to.. sometimes it's even better. :)

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