Wednesday, July 14, 2010


2 birthday cards, 3 calls, 7 smses and 153 facebook messages.

plus more than 5 birthday songs (sung to me) and 3 cakes!

Those are the number of wishes (plus cake and songs)received on my birthday this year.. :)

Obviously, Facebook won over all other modes of wishing one happy birthday. Despite having 478 facebook friends, a little over a quarter wished me. Not that I'm complaining..

I suppose without facebook only less than half of the people who wished me would know it was my birthday so I suppose that's one good thing about fb.. Your birthday is forced into people's faces and they are reminded.

Long gone are the days when people genuinely just remembered you and called you up or posted you a card.. I used to always look forward to receiving cards in the mail - when i was a uni student that is. Friends from afar took the trouble to buy you the card and put it in the mail.

I am seriously not lamenting on this new style of wishing.. i mean i do it too! Technology has made it easier for you to remember and to communicate things faster. You can send virtual cakes and cards and even kisses! How easy is that? No need to buy cards at the shop or bake people cakes..

I guess this is useful if you're far away from someone and also if you're broke.. haha..

As much as I love the wonders of technology I still do want the old-fashioned wishes.. the hugs, kisses, cakes and presents.. and you know what, I got those too this year.. :)


manul said...

Happy belated birthday ms shereen? belated kan? :p

Sher said...

yes belated ;)thanx!

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