Monday, July 5, 2010

my babies

Woody, Tushee, Beckham, Mishka, Hiro and Snowball.

My babies, my sweethearts, the ones who fill our house with life.

I don't think I ever envisioned myself living with a house full of cats. (`Full' because my house is a quaint little abode..)

But now that they're around, it's hard to imagine life without them. It does cross my mind sometimes about what would happen to them when we're no longer on this earth.. and also what would happen to our life should one of them leave us first.. :(

I wonder who would take them in and care for them like we do.. They have such different personalities you need to know them to treat them well..

Anyway, I like to observe them on some occasions and its no secret that they lead a simple life indeed. They eat, sleep, shit and `work out' = chase birds or other moving creatures/ objects..or each other.. and of course they always need the daily strokes and pettings.. They just want to be loved. A lot like humans too huh? They clean themselves excessively! And they take baths - if we give them one, supposedly once a month.. Their ears and noses need to be cleaned.. They take medicine too for fleas and such.. They also sometimes like to have a change in diet.. could be chicken for a few months, then lamb and rice.. and milk too!

They obviously sleep a lot and they communicate with us! We talk to them! Everyday. Which is one thing good about having them around.. It's not like they're just pets.. they're part of our lives.. You can be alone in the house but they're there to keep you company so you won't really feel lonely.

Of course they drive me crazy with their antics - the scratching of the furniture, the hair balls (which are wet, slimy things and smelly!!), the dropping of pooh here and there suddenly and the wierd behaviours some of them have..

Yet underneath it all at the end of the day when they're just lazing around with limited action.. they're just cute, adorable, fluffy, warm beings! They give me calmness.. ,are a sight for sore eyes on a lousy, tiring, hard, shitty day.. and I am happy and blessed that they're around in my life.

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