Sunday, July 4, 2010

making people happy

I have a weakness of liking sweet stuff. I just LOVE desserts. Cakes, puddings, chocolates, muffins.. you name it.
Hence I love baking too. Though I don't know which one came first.. must be the eating part..
Anyway, lately I've been baking again after leaving that hobby for quite some time..
It's kinda therapeutic.. To prepare the ingredients, put them together and end up with a finished product. It gives me some kind of satisfaction to have made something.. and then eat it and share it with others. I suppose that could be one of the ways I channel my energy and it feels great to feed people and make them happy..
Funny how it reflects who I am too - someone who often just wants to please everybody.. That's really a tiresome trait to have as I end up being labelled as `too nice'..
But is it wrong to be nice to people? Of course not, right? Am very much capable of being firm and `strong' and sometimes not so nice.. You should see me when I'm mean..
Bottom line is I think we should just try to be nice and pleasant people if we can help it. Cuz what goes around comes around right?

ps/ This post reminds me of a song I love in Sleepless In Seattle which goes like this:

`It's so important to make someone happy. Make just one someone happy...' - Jimmy Durante

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