Wednesday, July 14, 2010


2 birthday cards, 3 calls, 7 smses and 153 facebook messages.

plus more than 5 birthday songs (sung to me) and 3 cakes!

Those are the number of wishes (plus cake and songs)received on my birthday this year.. :)

Obviously, Facebook won over all other modes of wishing one happy birthday. Despite having 478 facebook friends, a little over a quarter wished me. Not that I'm complaining..

I suppose without facebook only less than half of the people who wished me would know it was my birthday so I suppose that's one good thing about fb.. Your birthday is forced into people's faces and they are reminded.

Long gone are the days when people genuinely just remembered you and called you up or posted you a card.. I used to always look forward to receiving cards in the mail - when i was a uni student that is. Friends from afar took the trouble to buy you the card and put it in the mail.

I am seriously not lamenting on this new style of wishing.. i mean i do it too! Technology has made it easier for you to remember and to communicate things faster. You can send virtual cakes and cards and even kisses! How easy is that? No need to buy cards at the shop or bake people cakes..

I guess this is useful if you're far away from someone and also if you're broke.. haha..

As much as I love the wonders of technology I still do want the old-fashioned wishes.. the hugs, kisses, cakes and presents.. and you know what, I got those too this year.. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

not in vain

The day of results finally came yesterday. Again, anticipation was in the air; and teachers and students alike were at the edge of their seats to find out.
After my first period I rushed to the office with paper and pen to get down all the details. There was already a small crowd and they had started printing the results..

Don't know why I'm narrating this.. does it sound like a beginning of good story?

There was indeed a difference to this years results. A big one I guess. For me as a class teacher, a mentor and for the whole school..

The most surprising and amazing news for me was to discover that the number of students who got a 7 for English exceeded those I had predicted! 11 out of 21!!! Alhamdulillah... I was really happy and surely did not want to gloat about it but it was really difficult to contain my excitement as the previous years saw only ONE student get a 7.. (out of 8 students)

Later that day I was also faced with the task (i put myself to) to break some not so good news to my mentees about their results.. It's not easy to tell people a bad result.. I was not ready for what came after I told them. I mean I should have assessed the reaction they would give and I felt bad afterwards as I don't think I did a good job over the phone..

The thing about life is that it has its ups and downs of course.. But you got to be able to swallow the defeat.. take it boldly.. deal with it.. Certainly easier said than done but it has to be done eventually. You have to make yourself look it in the eye.. Accept things and believe that all things happen for a reason. I used the cliche line on my students that there's a blessing in disguise.. Hey, I tell myself that when things don't work out for me too.. God has other plans for us sometimes..

Today in class I gave a little pep talk to my current students to remind them that they should do their best NOW, work hard NOW and not have to say in the end if results are bad that they did not work hard enough...
I hope they take my advice and be wise in their actions from now on..

As for the school.. well.. it seems this is the worst results so far.. And I wonder if we teachers had anything to do with that. I would like to believe that we did our best and helped them all we could.. because I know I did.. Still this could be a wake up call for the school, for the teachers to think of better strategies..

Most of all I often believe what we do as teachers is not something done in vain and that even if we don't get to make a difference in every student at least we managed to get the attention of some.

Monday, July 5, 2010

my babies

Woody, Tushee, Beckham, Mishka, Hiro and Snowball.

My babies, my sweethearts, the ones who fill our house with life.

I don't think I ever envisioned myself living with a house full of cats. (`Full' because my house is a quaint little abode..)

But now that they're around, it's hard to imagine life without them. It does cross my mind sometimes about what would happen to them when we're no longer on this earth.. and also what would happen to our life should one of them leave us first.. :(

I wonder who would take them in and care for them like we do.. They have such different personalities you need to know them to treat them well..

Anyway, I like to observe them on some occasions and its no secret that they lead a simple life indeed. They eat, sleep, shit and `work out' = chase birds or other moving creatures/ objects..or each other.. and of course they always need the daily strokes and pettings.. They just want to be loved. A lot like humans too huh? They clean themselves excessively! And they take baths - if we give them one, supposedly once a month.. Their ears and noses need to be cleaned.. They take medicine too for fleas and such.. They also sometimes like to have a change in diet.. could be chicken for a few months, then lamb and rice.. and milk too!

They obviously sleep a lot and they communicate with us! We talk to them! Everyday. Which is one thing good about having them around.. It's not like they're just pets.. they're part of our lives.. You can be alone in the house but they're there to keep you company so you won't really feel lonely.

Of course they drive me crazy with their antics - the scratching of the furniture, the hair balls (which are wet, slimy things and smelly!!), the dropping of pooh here and there suddenly and the wierd behaviours some of them have..

Yet underneath it all at the end of the day when they're just lazing around with limited action.. they're just cute, adorable, fluffy, warm beings! They give me calmness.. ,are a sight for sore eyes on a lousy, tiring, hard, shitty day.. and I am happy and blessed that they're around in my life.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

making people happy

I have a weakness of liking sweet stuff. I just LOVE desserts. Cakes, puddings, chocolates, muffins.. you name it.
Hence I love baking too. Though I don't know which one came first.. must be the eating part..
Anyway, lately I've been baking again after leaving that hobby for quite some time..
It's kinda therapeutic.. To prepare the ingredients, put them together and end up with a finished product. It gives me some kind of satisfaction to have made something.. and then eat it and share it with others. I suppose that could be one of the ways I channel my energy and it feels great to feed people and make them happy..
Funny how it reflects who I am too - someone who often just wants to please everybody.. That's really a tiresome trait to have as I end up being labelled as `too nice'..
But is it wrong to be nice to people? Of course not, right? Am very much capable of being firm and `strong' and sometimes not so nice.. You should see me when I'm mean..
Bottom line is I think we should just try to be nice and pleasant people if we can help it. Cuz what goes around comes around right?

ps/ This post reminds me of a song I love in Sleepless In Seattle which goes like this:

`It's so important to make someone happy. Make just one someone happy...' - Jimmy Durante

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