Wednesday, June 2, 2010


11 days has passed..

So far,

I have finished one book,
Started on another.

Watched 4 movies -on dvd
watching one @ the cinema tonight

Cooked lasagna 4 times,
and entertained a house full of students :)

Rode on my new bike!
will be riding on a bike trail soon!!

On facebook everyday.. (nothing new here)
Finally did some spring cleaning in my closet!

Have not read any essay or done any kind of thing called `work'!
(Will do it eventually, I know..)

Anyway, I still want to..

-Meet up with friends!
-Go for a facial
-Read more books
-Write more `intellectual' stuff on my blog
-Go somewhere with my sweetheart

and.. have another extra week of hols to do all the things listed above.. :D

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