Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my life

A new semester has begun and as in the fashion of how things go at my workplace, new faces have appeared in the month of June, whether it be new to the school or just new to me.
No matter how `seasoned' you may be at teaching, it's never a dull moment to meet new students.
I guess that's one of the `perks' teaching offers. In fact, without students - old or new, my life would cease to exist.. They are a part of my life, they ARE my life, my job, my source of income, the reason why I love teaching so much. As much as I may lament about my job sometimes, they are what make it all worthwhile. They dominate my facebook, surpassing I think, the number of friends I have (on facebook). I talk about them a lot more than about anything else sometimes.. I even dream of them!

Am I complaining? Far from it. I am merely stating a fact. A reality. My reality. And I love it actually. I love them even though they can make me mad, sad, upset, frustrated and heart broken. They most often just make me happy, really ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


A week ago a student of mine passed away in a tragic accident. She would have been 19 in August. Her name was Jannah.
She was a sweet girl who as far as I can remember was not afraid to ask questions or speak in English.
I only taught her for a year. A duration which I consider too short to have really bonded. But enough for me to know that she was never one who caused trouble, an eager student and ever so nice.
She died surrounded by caring friends who I believe tried all they could to help her. Who to this moment can't erase that day from their minds.
I can only imagine how they must have felt to deal with everything till the burial. Am sure it must have been hard.
But sometimes we have to learn the hard way and what they all experienced together may have made them stronger and even wiser.
Everyone knows they will face death one day and maybe deal with some deaths before their own.
But I guess watching a friend die and burying her may be something one does not expect.
And because of that I understand how difficult it was for the 14 classmates to go through what they did last week.
I will meet them soon and can only offer my words of comfort. I pray they have all gained their strength and will to go about life in the coming semester.
But if they are still grieving I hope I can lend an ear and a shoulder for them to cry on.
For now am praying that Allah blesses her soul and will ease the pain of everyone mourning her loss.
Rest in peace dear Jannah..

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


11 days has passed..

So far,

I have finished one book,
Started on another.

Watched 4 movies -on dvd
watching one @ the cinema tonight

Cooked lasagna 4 times,
and entertained a house full of students :)

Rode on my new bike!
will be riding on a bike trail soon!!

On facebook everyday.. (nothing new here)
Finally did some spring cleaning in my closet!

Have not read any essay or done any kind of thing called `work'!
(Will do it eventually, I know..)

Anyway, I still want to..

-Meet up with friends!
-Go for a facial
-Read more books
-Write more `intellectual' stuff on my blog
-Go somewhere with my sweetheart

and.. have another extra week of hols to do all the things listed above.. :D

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