Sunday, April 25, 2010

words of wisdom?

Since having a blog I have also taken interest in reading other people's blogs..
Well, it hasn't been that many but enough to make me realise that generally bloggers
are good writers! The one I'm referring to are my students (cuz their blogs are mostly
what I read..) Guess that's why they write the blogs in the first place.

Anyway it's great to know that they write good stuff in their blogs, that they have insight, are reflective and are quite expressive..

Then I think of my blog and feel ashamed as I seem to be my only audience so far.. plus I don't know whether I have insight and am being `deep' or anything like that..

Yet I continue writing for it has become an outlet to pour my thoughts and feelings which has all become a little therapeutic for me at times when I need to just express myself.

So.. don't judge me ok readers? (if you're reading this!)

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