Friday, April 9, 2010

"occupational hazards"

A defininition from the net:

What is meant by Occupational Hazards?

Every occupation is associated with certain risks because of which the person can get

1. Certain diseases

2. Injuries, etc.

This can happen suddenly or may take years. In simple words - "Occupational Hazards" mean damage to health or injuries at work place.

Ok, the teaching profession is certainly not one where you can get hurt - physically.
Or contract diseases.. unless you get infected by other tchrs or stdnts sickness..
Or if you fall down a flight of stairs - which I know someone has experienced..

Yet, in my almost 11 teaching years, I think most teachers can vouch for this too, that they can get themselves `injured' still.., if not often, at least several times in their teaching careers..

And what gets injured?

Their heart.

This is probably my week of an outpouring of emotions and so my heart seems a little fragile.
I don't think I'm overreacting nor am I being irrational whenever I feel this way.
It's just that some things just get to me!
I am not the type who gets angry often or easily and when I do, I often end up feeling like the bad guy cuz I hate having to be mad.

I believe I'm easy to please. I forgive easily to a fault..
But it has to be earned too, one can't deserve all that without holding their end of the bargain.

It's just frustrating to feel that sometimes the subject you teach is less important than others.. English is ever the `fun' subject and I think where most students can have fun in (as compared to Maths).. but does it deserve lesser attention and meaning to one's life?

I really don't know why I'm so upset and whether I should let this go on.. (it has been going on since I left class at 12.30 just now)..

All I know is that I got upset because I felt that there was no initiative towards the task and not even an apology.. do they realize what they did even after I told them?

I get over these things eventually and will still feel the same when it happens again. I'll forgive them and still teach them. Yet I hope this is something I will face with less sentimentality in the future to avoid further `injuries' to my heart..

So.. can
having your heart `injured' be considered an occupational hazard too?
Because this happens to people like us.
So I guess the answer is yes.

- the sentimental fool-

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