Saturday, March 27, 2010

that time of the year

This same time last year I said `goodbye' to my students in class.
Did that again last week but minus the `drama'. It hit me hard last time for some reason and glad i didn't have to endure such `pain' like before this time round.
Maybe I'm learning to take things as a natural process, no matter how attached I have gotten to some.. Maybe I'm not that close to some of them this year.. Maybe I'm shutting off the feelings of sadness to see them leave..
Some relationships last even after we part and some don't. That's normal I tell myself on days when I think I've been forgotten by them.
Soon, this batch of students will start leading their lives in another part of the world and may eventually forget me too. And I should not be upset about that.
I should just pray that they lead good and meaningful lives and be proud to know that I was once a part of their life.
For now, it's still not goodbye yet..

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