Sunday, March 21, 2010

9 days of relaxation..

My one week of hols was spent quite well I have to say.. 4 days in Hong Kong (2 days of travel.. :p) was great and got to chill with Julie even tho hubby and I went sight-seeing on our own.. It's been a while since I travelled to another country and seeing how people lead their lives in another place is most often an eye opener.. one thing is they walk really fast and the women are so stylish.. - those I saw in the MRT that is. And the trains are plenty, on time and so efficient! What a far cry from what we have here in Msia.. Maybe if we had another extra day (and some extra cash) we would have gone a bit further around HK.. but there's always a next time.. :)

Besides that, this holiday has also again brought me online a lot, facebook mostly.. I'm trying to not be too hooked on it but its hard.. Sadly, reading other ppls status seems to be the highlight of my day at times.. haha.. Am also pretty aware that the things u write on fb may be construed differently so one has to be careful.. sometimes I just write on impulse and end up putting my foot in my mouth cuz when i read it back, realize it could be understood otherwise! Ooops! The pen is truly mightier than the sword..

Now it's less than 24 hours till I set my foot back on KMB soil.. and I'm trying to catch up on some work.. (am so doing last minute work).. Funny how we plan things to do - with a list- and end up doing so little on the list (at least I did some).. I didn't even spend much time on reading.. and do I have a lot of books that I've started but not finished... sheesh...

As much as I love holidays.. I still do love working and kinda looking forward to going back to that work routine.. seriously? Seriously. ;)

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