Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy times

It has been a while since I last wrote and I must say, now, I have nothing much to reflect on. From the last post I probably have to say that the procedure didn't work.. I was disappointed but not so much at first.. then later it kinda hit me and I went through the whole "why stage?" all over again.. Just kept that to myself though and was kinda glad dear hubby was cool about everything.. Anyway.. next step maybe the BIG thing.. will keep you posted!

Other than that.. life has been hectic work, school, etc.. Said 'goodbye' to my 2nd years and felt a little choked up when I was giving my `last speech'.. Kinda dramatic huh.. Well, this is the first step of `letting them go' and I had been seeing that coming for months actually.. Don't know why I had to feel so affected. It's not that I won't be seeing them anymore.. But realised that there were some I'd remember more than others and also felt bad for not being able to really bond with everyone.. I know I can be idealistic, but I guess any teacher can tell you that they must have connected with some students more than others and end up remembering a certain few rather than everyone they taught. Will go through this a lot for the rest of my life as a teacher and I think I'll be this way at least for the next couple of years.. Until I become one of those `seasoned' teachers who probably become tough cookies in the end.. hehe..

My Zalora Affair

So I've been writing for Zalora since July last year and I'm loving it! Tried to link the latest article to my blog but here's ...