Wednesday, November 18, 2009


After a while, these thoughts are again entering my head..
when will it happen? why isn't it happening yet?.. how much longer..?

I guess it's cuz I'm less worried about other things these days I'm beginning to have time to indulge into these thoughts..

They must not stay in my head. But how can I make them go away?

Funny how people often call me the calm one.. but inside I think I experience these `turbulent' emotions just like any other person.., i think. Maybe I just don't show it.

But they creep up when I least expect it and once it hits me my heart aches with the same pain I've felt since trying.. It's just one of those things I suppose people like me have to go through. Though I wish sometimes it didn't hurt so much.

I want to believe that it will happen one day. It's just that I want that day to come quick!.. Dear God please grant me the patience and strength to endure this test of yours.. and please grant me my wish.. Amin...

On a lighter note.. (is it lighter?) I am highly anticipating my final act to complete my masters which will happen on the 24th when I present my work. Hope all will be well during and after the presentation.. So that I can start to really have a break this year.. :)

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