Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm one of those people who's usually drawn to love stories like a fish to the sea.. For many reasons really.. mainly because I love happy endings.. I love the craziness people get when they're in love, the look they have in their eyes, the stupid things they end up doing because they are. Then there's the kind of i'd die for you kinda love that for me sometimes is insane and silly really but nevertheless good drama to watch.. All in all, it makes me feel good and all warm inside..

The thing that gets me also is the realization that a person has when they know they're smitten, blown away, taken aback, you name it.. Those first feelings of attraction, the euphoria when you get a glimpse of him or her..

Love drives you crazy.. even if you're not in love.. does that make sense?

I guess everyone has their own version of what love is to them and I guess that's normal cuz it's a different experience for everyone.. It can't all be glorious as in a movie or a novel cuz nothing's perfect..

Yet I am a sucker for romantic movies or novels that make you just melt and be swooned over.. I'm no idealist, but once in a while you just wanna be swept off your feet, even if its just by a fictional character..

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