Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday was the last day of exams for my students. Yesterday was a day of hugs, wishes and goodbyes. I think I turned out pretty ok in keeping my emotions intact.. haha.. Kept thinking that I will be seeing them during graduation.. so no worries there.. I asked some of them what they'd miss most about the college and some answered teachers, some were indifferent and thus making me wonder what their whole 2 years had meant all this while. You would think there would be something they'd take back with them close to heart.. I believe absence makes the heart grow fonder so one will surely reminisce back and miss `something', right?? Whatever it is, I'm sure 2 years was enough to build so many memories they'll surely cherish with friends especially and with teachers.. ;) It's goodbye for now dear students, but I'm sure I'll see you all again!

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