Sunday, May 3, 2009

the candle writes..

Can't believe it is already May and I didn't post anything in April!!

Shows how busy I've been. April was a month of many events. Some stressful, emotional, happy and touching..

In summary..

I had a smashing time at the Formula One event early in the month. I savoured the deafening sounds even though I didn't know who was leading let alone support any team!

School was crazy with the IRP month and what with organizing the golfing event and squeezing time for my master's assignment and studying for the exams.. The IRP month was especially testing and kept feeling torn between spending time with the 2nd years and 1st years of which I gave priority to the former.. :)

Then it was another emotional time when IRP ended and we all `let go' of the students to go study for the exams.. or was it just me? Anyhow, teacher's day celebration got me choked but I tried to hold back tears when we were all in the hall.. Found out how `forgiving' I was because the minute they all came to apologize I didn't really remember what mistakes they had done towards me.. :p

I guess the highlight of the month was the teacher's day celebrations because it boosted our self esteem even just for a day. Being appreciated and loved by your students means a lot. It's not about getting how many cards or presents from them but their words and looks of sincerity is enough to tell you how much we mean to them. That for me is what keeps me in this profession.. Having been able to touch people's heart and get touched back by them..

A saying I would like to remember from that day goes something like this:

A teacher is not like a burning candle that gives light to others but more of being the candle that provides the light for other candles...

So I really hope that from my almost 10 years of teaching that I have made it possible for anyone I've taught to have made a difference in others' life..

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