Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Zalora Affair

So I've been writing for Zalora since July last year and I'm loving it! Tried to link the latest article to my blog but here's the best I could do so.. if you're free why not check me out over at Zalora Thread. (and don't forget to press `like'!) It'll be a relaxing read I assure you ;) Anyway I write when I'm most inspired by something and today I'm gonna share what inspired me. 

My latest April 22  - in memory of the pets we once had but then died

My previous articles:

April 6 - when I thought that everyone should be nice to everyone

March 25- as I remembered movies I enjoyed as a young single lady

February 23- was affected and appalled at what I heard in the news about child abuse..

February 5- was being emo when my child just started school

January 15- felt i was online a lot so was advising myself and others around me haha

December 24- inspired after I finished a great book and thot how great it would be to see it on screen

December 15 - was thinking of the kids who just got their exam results

November 19- listening to old songs got me all nostalgic

November 6 - had my students in mind when i wrote this

October 20 - as I reminisced about old friends

October 2 - was on the train and had this idea!

August 31 - was feeling patriotic after we won the SEA games

August 14 - was reminiscing about old times when life was simple

July 23 - I just had to write this. I'm crazy about them!

July 10 - my first ever zalora article i wrote while sitting at the park watching my kids play and it was also post raya celebration ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Our Hands

Out of all the parts of our body I think our hands must be one of the most precious. After a series of ailments affecting both of mine I profoundly feel that this fact is true. It takes God to take away your health for you to realize how much you’ve taken it for granted.

I love my hands. We all should. After all it means so much more than just something humans use to eat, drink or wash ourselves.

It’s forgiveness in a handshake during raya

It’s respect when we kiss our parents hands

It’s probably the first touch of a bride and groom

It’s warmth, comfort and assurance to a worried child

It makes music, weaves tales and creates tasty meals

It’s language for the deaf and mute for which life without it would be even more inaudible

It’s our `scroller’ which we do everyday!

It’s sweat and tears and a symbol of hard work

It’s a show of care and concern through a simple caress

It’s our passion and fury which we all need to manage

It’s a symbol of truth, loyalty and authority

The symbol of surrender and submission when asking for forgiveness and asking for what we want from Him.

It’s “the hands that rock the cradle”, “a helping hand”, “in good hands” and many other idioms..

In short, our hands are pretty much hands-down, a special part of our life. One which would render us incapable without it and at a loss of the amazing gift God has given.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Too early for...

So it's already the second month of 2018 and one could say we're still pretty early in the year. Still too early to lose that weight gained in December (and January!). Still too early for crushed dreams, for losing sleep, for burning out, for drained energy, for giving up and all sorts of stuff if you catch my drift. But life doesn't always go the way you want it to so it's never too early for anything actually.

They say shit happens. I prefer to see it as opportunities for change and growth. For reflecting on yourself, for having better goals, for healing and loving yourself more, for understanding and forgiveness. For better time management. For taking things slow and for always praying to God for a good pathway in this life and in the hereafter. For ultimately our time on this earth is short and we should always just make the most of the time we have and take in every hardship and obstacle with open arms.

Of course I say this to myself as well in light of these past few months being somewhat of a testing time. I could lament about things here but I'm making myself adopt a more positive outlook on things and have faith in God's plans for me.

So if anyone of you out there are already having a hard time at the start of the year I hope you manage to get through all the trials and tribulations presented to you with patience and strength. After all what is this life if not without a little drama to spice things up.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Something I've been discussing in class with my kids lately has led me to think of the many possibilities that all of us have in life. Regardless of our age.
In the case of me, this 40 something, some things are still quite possible, right?
The thing is I may be in denial in some aspects because I'd still like to have the drive to be able to do things I like even if some people call me `makcik' ... (seriously hate that title and I know I don't deserve it) Sometimes I think that age is just a number so just do it. Some other days I chicken out on things and decide never to ride a roller coaster ever again. Some nights I want to stay up watching Korean dramas (and I do sometimes) and some days I just wanna sleep at 8pm.
So I suppose 'aging' does that to you. Either it makes you think of what you can no longer do, or what you still can..or simply the why-not-do-it-regardless attitude.Yet of course, growing older reminds me most of the time to be wiser and smarter. To be more careful and responsible. To remember that time is short and soon we will leave this world. One can't really stay in the same mind of a 16 year old I suppose. Things get better. We turn into better people. I was awkward, sloppy and most likely nerdy in my younger days.. now I'm confident, I can dress well and maybe I'm still nerdy minus the thick glasses haha.
Point is, we grow and mature but we can still keep on pushing ourselves to keep up with the times and stay young at heart :)  I  believe we can still let our hair down once in a while and keep that part of us who still knows how to have fun. Believe me, it's for our own sake and lets us become real people. Authentic.
Play time with my daughter means I can be a child all over again. Talking and laughing with my students makes me feel young too.. (at times).. so that's what it means to just ignore that number you have attached to you.
On my good positive days all that I've written here seems oh so possible.. So let's just enjoy it while it lasts ;)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I'd like to say that I'm too busy to write but it would be a poor excuse since I've started writing articles for one of my favourite online shopping sites.. So, here I am going back to where it all started, my blog :D

It's the middle of semester for us teachers here and everyone is in festive mode - or should i say holiday mode so I'm feeling a little reflective.

Anyway, lately I've been rained with a few important decisions to make. Decisions that can change one person's life or even many peoples lives; ulitmately my life. Which then led me to see the truth in the saying that 'the only thing that is constant is change'.

So here's the thing - everyone must go through a change in their life and everyone gets scared of the unknown. Some even try to avoid change and are adamant in remaining the same forever. But if life was just so predictable then that would mean we would lack the opportunities to go through an adventure, to persevere and be patient during a challenging time, we might not grow and develop, we won't know the meaning of `surprise' and we won't appreciate the blessings in disguise. For with every turn of event, I believe there is a reason behind it.

All we need is to find that reason and have faith that what's in store for us has already been written.

So change can be liberating, change can be unwanted. But ultimately we all need it one day.

What's left is to be brave to make those changes and to accept it.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Clear blue skies

The weather these days remind me of hot summer days I used to experience back in England.
The sky was a bright blue, the sun shone all day and everyone's mood was as bright as the sun :)
As this is the first week of getting back into the groove (of working) and all things related, so just like the weather, mood wise, everyone is still in the raya mode which means we're as happy as a lark! Well almost.

And in times like this sometimes, one can also suddenly get a moment of clarity. Or maybe that's just me. Driving my one hour route back home gives me a lot of time alone to think (and sing out loud).
It's not that I get many decisions made or anything. The point is that I get to think. An action that sometimes you don't get to do alone when you're dealing with many other things at one time... ie. house chores, kids' attention, etc.

So, yes, I cherish my drive back home even though I absolutely hate being stuck in bad jams and getting home all tired and moody.. sorry family :(

Anyway, this is my first post in 2017 and I just thought the title was appropriate to start it even though it's already July!

Hope you're having a great clear blue sky day yourself.

Love lots.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

While you sleep

It's on days like today that I always feel like reflecting. The day when I get caught in a bad traffic jam, get home late and find you fast asleep. 
It's not the first time, but thank God it's also not quite often that you do this. Lately you've been making yourself stay awake just to play.. 😅 i don't mind that much. We get to spend time and that's important.. 
But since I left the house this morning for work and you were still sleeping, it's made me heart break a little 💔
I know that you don't like me coming home late. I recall you actually saying while playing house with your cousin that  'mama' deserves the cold treatment cuz 'she' came home late.. :(((
Though I know this too shall pass it still makes me feel bad.. 
But Mama always tries to make it up to you right?.. I pray for better times and more quality time with you and Daddy..
Love you dearly.

My Zalora Affair

So I've been writing for Zalora since July last year and I'm loving it! Tried to link the latest article to my blog but here's ...